Matošević 'Ombra' Teran 2015
$34.15 a Bottle
$225.00 $204.90 ( Case of 6 )

Matošević 'Ombra' Teran 2015


About the Wine Maker

Known as the Dark Horse of Istrian winemaking, Bruno Trapan defies tradition by combining modern techniques, extensive knowledge and a love, energy and courage for the craft that's second-to-none.

Situated on a mere 12ha of rich red Istrian solidest on a limestone base, the vineyards is rich in minerals with natural organic qualities.  These properties allow Bruno to preserve the authentic and natural offerings of the land to deliver wines of the highest quality.

About the Wine

At first glance looks quite dense. Predominant red ruby, only a slight purple glare gives the mark of personality that is in the glass. Under a light coal smoke, the first smell pierces with sanguinacio, budin noir, black pudding mixed with finochio, smoked pork sausage with fennel.
The second smell begins with raspberry fruitiness, riddled through flower of violet and ends with pepery-spicy-herbal complexity of Mediterranean maquis. In the mouth, undoubtedly Teran. Fresh, fruity, slightly tannic and smooth. The dark horse of Istrian winemaking, in Trapans expression justifies the use of this term.

Enjoy :)