Castello di Verduno Basedone Pelleverga
$37.35 a Bottle
$238.20 $224.10 ( Case of 6 )

Castello di Verduno 'Basadone' Pellaverga DOC 2017


A Piedmont Rarity

About the Wine Maker

Castello di Verduno has a long history of Barolo wine since 1838, when the Castle was purchased by King Carlo Alberto of Savoy, and the King commissioned the soldier and expert winemaker, General Staglieno, with the making of a great wine from the finest vineyards of Verduno Castle

In 1909, the Burlotto family purchased the castle and its estate from the House of Savoy, with a view to continuing the great winemaking tradition of the house of Savoy.  However by 1950 the vineyards and castle had been reduced to a state of total abandonment. It was then that the grandson, Commendatore Giovanni Battista Burlotto returned home to Verduno after 15 years spent in Eritrea,  In order to restore the castle to life, he decided to create a restaurant with accommodation facilities. After painstaking restoration work, he welcomed the first 15 guests to the castle in 1953. 

Today, the Commendatore’s three daughters and their respective families passionately dedicate their time to the castle, now a hotel-restaurant, wine cellar and holiday farm combined into one.

About the Wine

With its fragrant and spicy aroma, with a white pepper scent, Pelleverga is considered a rarity by careful connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts.The Verduno Pelaverga or simply Verduno wine, represents a small pearl of Langa oenology. The total area of the Pelaverga vineyards is only 15 hectares, but its importance for the territory which produces it is decisively relevant.

This rare wine gem is made from the Pelaverga piccolo variety grown on vineyards located in the Massara and Olmi areas of the village of Verduno. This singular native vine has been grown in the Verduno area since the 1600s. Believing in its potential, Castello di Verduno were the first to plant a vineyard dedicated to the variety in 1972.  

In the local dialect, "Basadone" means “kissing women”, and just like a kiss this ruby red wine - an aphrodisiac according to popular tradition - reawakens desires with its spicy overtones and delicate, lingering taste. 

It is a bright ruby red colour with an intense and fragrant nose, showing clear spicy overtones of black pepper and nutmeg, as well as fruity sensations reminiscent of cherries in spirit and strawberries. Nice balanced lingering dry flavour.