Vinogradi Nuić 'Žilavaka' 2016
$24.83 a Bottle
$157.00 $149.00 ( Case of 6 )

Vinogradi Nuić 'Žilavaka' 2016

Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina - Now There's an Idea

Well this is what we are about, surprising our members and introducing wines that most would neither have thought to try (unless less you travel or descend from there) or would even think of putting Bosnian wines on the radar. Like the Romanians, this part of the world has been producing wine for many, many years, and sadly because of the lack of access; and to be truthful, the quality of these wines in the immediate past, they just haven't been exposed to the rest of the world.  But now its changing, and considering how many early immigrants from the former Yugoslavia have been involved in the inception of the Australian wine industry, its about time we looked at the wines.


Vinogradi Nuic is a family owned winery located in the little village of Crnopod, in southwestern Herzegovina, where the family planted 35 hectares of vines in 2004. Interestingly they purposely use the word Vinogradi in their name as "Vinogradi" means "Vineyards". Why? Because in their words,

 ‘It has all begins with them, all the effort has been given to them, and because the vineyards are those that will give back, to us, most abundantly, and we will be most grateful to the vineyard

The climate is Mediterranean and influenced by the Dalmatian Coast, giving them a climate of warm/hot days and cool nights perfect for fruit flavour and acid balance.


Heavy rains at the end of the previous summer, both before and during the harvest, thankfully not jeopardize this varietal Zilavka. There was no shortage of refreshing acidity with interesting herbal aromas and pronounced minerality. I believe those are the precise characteristics upon which the identity of the modern Zilavka should be built in general as a wine which can attract an international audience. In any case all restaurants in Croatia should recommend it to guests and serve it with fish brodet, gregada or popara. Variations of different fish baked with vegetables or Mediterranean herbs are the ace up the sleeve of most smart chefs. Served with a Zilavka like this they’re an impressive gastronomic whole.

Enjoy :)