Hawkers Brewery Mixed 12 Pack 330ml
$44.95 a Pack
$57.00 $44.95 ( Pack of 12 )

Hawkers Brewery Mixed 12 Pack 330ml




Melbourne’s newest brewery Hawkers has just opened its doors in Reservoir (North of Melbourne’s CBD). This new venture is headed by Mazen Hajjar of 961 Beer, Lebanon’s first craft brewery, in partnership with Melbourne restaurateur Joseph Abboud of Rumi, and Moor’s Head. The brewery’s name is reminiscent of the times Mazen and Joseph found themselves “hawking” 961 beer door to door in Sydney some 3 years ago, at the start of its life in Australia.

Hawkers Brewery is one of the most high tech breweries in the southern hemisphere. “The brewery is all about efficiency” explains Mazen. “We want to be able to tweak recipes without any variables related to the brewhouse”. The pair worked closely with Canadian manufacturer DME to ensure no detail was over looked. As Mazen points out a customised fully pressurised dry hop unit, 3 step temperature controls on the fermenters, and enough cabling to run a small city, it’s clear no expense has be spared in pursuit of creating the highest quality beer they possibly can. While the brewery is seriously high tech “we want to future proof ourselves” says Joseph. 

It is this forward thinking philosophy, teamed with Mazen’s prior knowledge and experience from his time at 961, that prompted the duo to start with such a large brewery. They believe that starting big and growing into the brewery is decidedly more beneficial than starting small and needing to expand in the future. This Philosophy also allows Hawkers to import much larger quantities of higher quality ingredients such as grains, while still keeping their costs under control. In the mean time, as the range grows, some of the brewery’s capacity will be filled with contract breweries such as Edge Brewing Project and Coburg Brewery.



Hawkers Pale Ale

A hop forward American style pale ale has already gained a large amount of attention. Its first tasting at Geelong’s Great Australian Beer Festival, only one day after rolling off the bottling line, saw it take out the People’s Choice Award. 

Hawkers Pilsner

Not the usual watered down industrial lager, this beer is clean, refreshing but never boring. Robust, full-bodied malt character at the beginning with an assertive bitter finish.

Hawkers Saison

Refreshing, effervescent, cloudy-golden and complex, this is our take on the traditional Wallonian Saison.

Hawkers IPA

Hops, and lots of them!  Bitterness with tropical, citrusy and piney notes that is balanced by a malty backbone.  

Enjoy :)