Krauthaker Pinot Noir 2012
$36.95 a Bottle
$241.00 $221.70 ( Case of 6 )

Krauthaker Pinot Noir 2012



Vlado Krauthaker - an Oenologist with a BE in Agronomy is the proud owner of Krauthaker Vineyards and Winery.  His involvement over the years has contributed greatly to the rich winegrowing and winemaking tradition of the Kutjevo region.


At the time of its founding, the winery owned 1 hectare of vineyards.  By 2010, it had acquired a further 28 hectares.  In addition, the winery utilise 55 hectares of third party owned vineyards.

Kutjevo with its rich viticulture history and culture is a sub-region of Slavonia, one of Croatia's largest wine-growing regions.  The Slavonian climate remains largely unchanged across these broad regions.  Autumn is generally warmer than Spring, this in turn increases sugar accumulation one of the primary, wine quality determinants.


Kutjevo, Pinot Noir, matured for 13 months in previously used and new (15 percent) Bordeaux barrique oak barrels, designated as quality wine with a Protected Designation of Origin (AOC), dry, 13.5 % alcohol content by volume, non-filtered, 0.75 l.

Modern, plush, full and warm with considerable fruitiness in a harmonious blend with well composed herbal and spicy strands and a floral tone, vibrant on the palate with noticeable yet unimposing tannin structure, well rounded, of considerable length. Of a darker sparkling ruby colour with a discrete albeit entirely adequately strongly pronounced aroma needing some time to open up and exhibit a beautiful, complex bouquet with ripe, dark rubus fruits and drupes underpinned by caresses of smoke and vanilla, overtones of dark flowers and dried spice herbs and a trace of white pepper. Pure, pleasantly bitterish on the palate, with a good acidity, plush with fine grained tissue, harmonious, lasting, while the rubes are once again perceived retronasally.

Enjoy :)