Les Acanthes 'Le Rose' 2011
$12.50 a bottle
$146.00 ( Case of 12 )

Les Acanthes 'Le Rose' 2011

Grapes & Lager

Case of 12


Tavel, France


Des Acanthes is range of wines produced by ‘ Le Vignerons de Tavel’ established in 1937 this co-op was designed to help growers in the region turn the grapes into wine for the consumers of france and now, the global market. Sourced from selected sites in the townships of Rochfort du Gard and Pujaut, the terrior is made up of clay and limestone and the average age of the vines is 15 years. The winemaking uses modern techniques and produces wines that are fresh and fruit driven and made to be drunk in the first 3 years from vintage.