Birchgrove Pinot Grigio 2015/16
$9.95 a Bottle
$144.00 $107.88 ( Case of 12 )

Birchgrove Pinot Grigio 2015/16


A Good Everyday Drinking Wine

This exclusive private label comes from a highly respected vineyard in Griffith, which is at the centre of the Riverina wine growing region of New South Wales. The Riverina enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with a winter dominant rainfall and variations of soils from deep red tones through to brown clay loams.  Today the region is the second largest wine grape producing region in Australia.

The Birchgrove Pinot Grigio is sourced from a 40 year wine veteran from Griffin who consistently delivers exceptional value for money and exports to the UK, the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and China.

This "mystery" wine is grassy, with slightly cooked apple & pears overtone from a warmer climate and finishes fresh & mineral.

One of the best under $10 bottles of wine you will ever taste. 

Enjoy and Be Surprised!