Brogsitter Dornfelder Trocken 2016
$22.50 a Bottle
$153.00 $135.00 ( Case of 6 )

Brogsitter Dornfelder Trocken 2016



The vineyards of the Brogsitter winery are located on extremely steep slopes of the Mosel Mitel, which must be laboriously worked by hand and with winches . This means a lot of work, but also serves the landscape maintenance. Here the Riesling vines grow on clay and Devonian slate, which brings the unique terroir character of Brogsitter's best German vine to light. The BIO Rieslings offer dry or semi-dry Riesling the perfect enjoyment.



Dornfelder from Germany. It's an indigenous variety. It's been cloned from different indigenous varieties over the years. The Germans and the Austrians have been very prolific in actually doing a lot of cross germination of grape varieties for a long, long time. This is quite a popular style in Germany and Europe. It's a Pinot-esque sort of style of wine, but it doesn't have the savoury characters of Pinot. It has really intense fruits of the forest in it. There's a little bit of brambly-ness, but there's some really nice sour cherry and a really beautiful, clean acidity on the finish. It's just a lovely easy drinking light to medium-bodied red. I don't like saying "light", you know ... its's just different to Pinot. Again, this has probably been one of the highlights of the last six months for me, this wine. And everybody I've shown it to has absolutely fallen in love with it, because it's just a very interesting sort of style of wine that hasn't been seen a lot in Australia, particularly one of this quality. There's been a lot of cheap Dornfelder here, but not of this quality. And at around $20, it's a damn good drink for that.

Enjoy :)