Cantine Ceci Otello Dry No 2 Brut NV
$34.95 a Bottle
$233.00 $209.70 ( Case of 6 )

Cantine Ceci 'Otello Dry No 2' Brut NV


A Unique and Exclusive Blend!

Cantine Ceci was officially established in 1938, but the family, and particularly Otello Ceci, have had reputation for producing wine from the grapes of hills of Parma, for many years before.  Otello owned a tavern in his local village. There his customers would come and feast on the local produce that Parma is famous for and wash it down with Otello’s wine made from the region. Gradually, his reputation grew and his loyal customers pushed him to produce more wine.

OTELLO DRY is a Cuvée made by carefully selecting the best grapes of Cantine Ceci's extraordinary hilly terrain. It is an exclusive blend, unique because it was obtained by the CECI method, which provides for three fermentations at three different times. The primary fomentation is where the wort is transformed into wine, and the wine of the previous year and current year ferment separately forming a unique cuveè. This provides harmony and balance between the young and fresh fruit wine and the smell of mature wines.

 OTELLO DRY is suitable for cocktails, well expressed with delicate meats and fish dishes.

Please view video below for a review by Sommelier Pietro Brunelli, in which you can see this wine  in action.