Cantine Ceci Otello Nerodi #Lambrusco 2009 2010 Sparkling
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Cantine Ceci Otello 'Nerodi' Lambrusco 2009/10


5 Star Lambrusco


Cantine Ceci was officially established in 1938, but the family, and particularly Otello Ceci, have had reputation for producing wine from the grapes of hills of Parma, for many years before.  Otello owned a tavern in his local village in the foggy lower part of Parma. Apart from tasting his excellent culatelli and salami, the guests went “crazy” for the very dark lambrusco served in the bowls. Gradually, his reputation grew and his loyal customers pushed him to produce more wine. Now 70 years on, this 3rd Generation Family winery (based in Torrile) is fast becoming one of the most respected in the region. Their vineyards are spread across the hills of Parma, where the steep and stony hills together with a soil that is mixed with rich sandy loam and limestone, creates wines with richness and power, combined with great aromatics and elegance.

Considered the “Cantine Ceci” masterpiece, Lambrusco Otello Ceci was the first Lambrusco in history to achieve the five clusters of the Italian Sommelier Guide. It is harvested at the beginning of October and undergoes 5-7 days of cold maceration on the skins. The Otello is an "extreme" Lambrusco, equipped with an important structure and a deep red purple color. It has been produced since 2003 by Cantine Ceci and has risen to become one of the most popular in Italy. An innovative Lambrusco, but still tied to the tradition of the area: bubbly, vivacious, with an intense hints of strawberries and blackberries. If you want to enjoy the excellence of Lambrusco of Parma, Otello will win you over.

Please view video below for a review by Sommelier Pietro Brunelli, in which you can see this wine bottle in action.