Cramele Recas ‘Calusari’ Pinot Noir 2013
$14.95 a Bottle
$89.70 ( Case of 6 )

Cramele Recas ‘Calusari’ Pinot Noir 2013


Exceptional Value for Money

About the Winery

The Recas Winery is situated in the Banat region of Romania, where the first records of viticulture date back to the period of the Roman invasion of Dacia in 106AD. Early legends tell of our favourite god of wine, Bacchus spending his childhood there. More recent history shows that the vineyard of Recas was already renowned by 1447 when the Lord of Severin, Mihail de Ciorna purchased the vineyards in Recas from Ecaterina Magyar, for 32 Hungarian gold florins.

Today the winery controls over 600 hectares. An Aussie and a Spaniard head the winemaking team, what a great combination. Under their management, the winery has been completely modernised.

About the Wine

We really liked this wine when we first tried it just because its so honest for what it is, full of classic Pinot Noir fruit flavours and nuances as well as being wonderfully balanced. Its just a little richer than some other Pinot’s, but a good drink. On top of that, it is amazing quality for the price, we haven't seen a quality Pinot Noir for this low price. I love what this Aussie winemaker is doing with Recas; the wines are fresh, well-made and exceptional value for money.