Carmele Recas Sole Feteasca Regala 2013
$19.50 a Bottle
$125.00 $117.00 ( Case of 6 )

Carmele Recas Sole Feteasca Regala 2015



Feteasca (Fete – Asca) Regala (Re – Gala) is an indigenous variety of Romania and is widely planted. The name means ‘royal young girl ‘ and was first observed in the 1920’s in Transylvania. It’s believed that local nurserymen of the region developed it by crossing two other indigenous varieties.

The Recas Winery is situated in Banat region of Romania, where the first records of viticulture date back to the period of the Roman invasion of Dacia, in their century AD. Earlier legends tell of the god of wine ‘Bacchus’ spending his childhood there. More recent history shows that the vineyard of Recas were already renowned by 1447 when the lord of Severin Mihail de Ciorna purchased the vineyards in Recas from Ioan and Ecaterina Magyar, for 32 Hungarian gold florins.

Today the winery controls over 600 hectares in the region and the winery over the last ten years has been completely modernized, an Aussie and a Spaniard head the winemaking team.


You know when I first smelt this wine it dragged me in with the wonderful aromatics and then when I tasted the wine is just all melded together with intense fruit and soft spicy mouth feel and great balance. I was seduced and relished that after drinking the first glass just it was a great dry white wine that you could just sit there on a warm day and enjoy. It also reminded me just how amazing the wine world really is.

I really hope you enjoy the wine, as for what to eat with it, well it went down pretty well on its own, but I reckon Thai or Vietnamese inspired food.


Enjoy :)