Cofield NV Sparkling Shiraz Durif
$17.25 a Bottle
$119.40 $103.50 ( Case of 6 )

Cofield NV Sparkling Shiraz Durif


Great with Those Chilli Crabs

About the Wine Maker

The Cofield Family have had history in the Rutherglen region for many generations starting out with their great grandfather Frank, who in 1909 worked on the famous St Leonard’s Vineyard, as did his son, Harold who spent 50 years tolling the soil of St Leonard’s. Harold's son, Max founded the family winery and his son Damien now oversees the winemaking.

About the Wine

Why did I choose this wine - or why did this wine choose me? It goes back many years to when I was first introduced to Sparkling Reds from Australia by a gentleman who loved Chilli Crab. So a group of us got together one night - we actually put our money together and flew down some live Mud Crab from Darwin (through a friend), took it to great seafood restaurant in Perth where they cooked it up.  We had a vast selection of sparkling reds on the table and rest is history. What a great introduction to Chilli Crab and Sparkling Red. As it’s just turned cold here in Melbourne so its Chilli Crab Time again!!!!

Fruit is sourced mainly from the family vineyards, but also selected growers in the Alpine Valley and King Valley. Great wine, full of fruit, rich, fruit sweetness, the bubbles make it way to easy to drink just enjoy, did I mention what food to have it!!!!