Cruse 'Blanc de Blanc' Sparkling NV
$13.95 a Bottle
$90.00 $83.70 ( Case of 6 )

Cruse 'Blanc de Blanc' Sparkling NV



About the Wine Maker

In 1815 Herman Cruse, a Danish–German merchant from Segeburg, settled in Bordeaux, where he co-founded the firm Cruse et Hirschfeld in 1819. With financial support from his wife, he cornered the Bordeaux market in 1847; that year's harvest turned out to be excellent, and he made a fortune.Next to the flourishing wine-shipping business, Herman Cruse set out to diversify and invest in wine-growing estates.

Herman Cruse purchased the famous Chateau Pontet-Canet in 1865, where the Cruse 'Blanc de Blanc' Sparkling NV is produced. The Cruse family owned Pontet-Canet for 110 years, until Guy Tesseron acquired it in 1975. Chateau Pontet Canet has only belonged to three families in over two centuries. That is quite a rarity in Bordeaux!

About the Wine

The Cruse 'Blanc de Blanc' Sparkling NV is a pale gold with fine and lingering bubbles with aromatic apple and pear notes with buttery vanilla touches. On the palate, it has harmonious fruit and savoury elements along with nice acidity and minerality.

An excellent sparkling wine from France, Cruse NV Blanc de Blancs is easy drinking, inexpensive and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Made in the charmat method, it is crisp and dry with a very light fizz. The Charmat method (also called the "Italian Method") forces the second fermentation to happen in a large stainless steel tank prior to bottling, rather than in the bottle like the traditional méthode champenoise. The Charmat method is a cheaper means for pushing a wine through second fermentation and is often used on sparkling wines that are meant to be consumed young and relatively fresh.

Delicious on a warm summer day with friends.