Domaine Jean Marc Bernhard Mamborg Gerwurztraminer Grand Cru 2012
$55.95 a Bottle
$355.00 $335.70 ( Case of 6 )

Domaine Jean Marc Bernhard Mamborg Gerwurztraminer Grand Cru 2012


OMG! The Purity of the Fruit in this wine!


more than 200 years …

Domaine Jean-Marc Bernhard is situated in Katzenthal, in the west side from Colmar, in the heart of the Alsacian wine country, our village is laying in a valley surrounded by vineyards  along the Alsacian Wine Route.

The family estate is situated in the middle of the village, the buildings, dated from the 16th century, have been bought by the family Bernhard in 1802.

The cellars have always exclusively served to the winemaking. The dynamism and experience brought successively by the 9 generations are the elements which procure a high level of quality.

Since 2012, Domaine Jean-Marc Bernhard has been producing organic wines.



Next wine ... Well, this one blew me away last year when I first tried it. Made from a small producer in Mamborg, I tried this wine with some friends. Whilst it's an off-dry style, which means that it's got a little bit of sweetness, it's got the most amazing, pure Gewürztraminer nuances and flavours and aromatics. Gewürztraminer is a beautifully aromatic white variety, and this wine just oozes the spice and all those beautiful aromatics, pretty aromatics that Gewürztraminer can have on the nose. Then, you put it in your mouth and it's got just that sweetness at the front, but has all that spiciness and those beautiful Gewürztraminer fruit flavours flowing through. But at the same time ... it's got that nice bit of richness in the middle palate, and then the finish is very elegant with really, really well-balanced acid. It's a really, really beautiful wine. Every time I've shown this to people, they've been absolutely blown away with the purity of the Gewürztraminer aromatics and flavours that this wine has. 

Enjoy :)