Kaesler 'Old Bastard' Shiraz 2012
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Kaesler 'Old Bastard' Shiraz 2014


From an Original Barossa Pioneering Family  

Kaesler is a privately owned wine company that produces estate grown wines from vineyards as old as 1893. The Kaesler family were pioneers who settled in the Barossa Valley in the 1840’s. In 1891 they bought a parcel of land and in 1893 planted their first vines.

Today Kaesler wines are made from these ancient, dry grown vineyards, by the third owners of this magnificent property. 

Crimson and garnet with a dark edge. fresh smelling colours of red and blue, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry picked straight from the bush, braced with rhubarb.

The palate is focussed and the tannin acid relationship is far more apparent than this vineyard has metabolised in the past. The tannin is talc, fine and delicate. The acid pronounced but not sour, it is determined and binds the tannin up leaving a tangy, pure exit. 2012 was an amazing year to witness all we have strived for in our vineyards. A dry year required less irrigation than we would have used normally, insect populations were around but managed by our resident magpie population with spider assistance, and the wines of 2012 have an acid tannin relationship and purity that we have not seen in our wines before. Outstanding.