La Zaragozana 'Ambar' 1900 Pale Ale
$106.90 a Case
$135.00 $106.90 ( Case of 24 )

La Zaragozana 'Ambar' 1900 Pale Ale


Drink from Dusk to the Early Hours 

About the Beer Maker

Founded in 1900, La Zaragozana still operates its original brewery in the centre of Zaragoza where traditional methods live side by side with state of the art technology. Zaragoza is a corruption of “Caesar Augusta”, the original Roman name of the settlement.

La Zaragozana retains a malt house dating from the late 19th century where wooden machines are still used and with the only fermenting room with open fermentation vessels still in operation is Spain. La Zaragozana is a company that combines tradition and innovation to brew excellent quality beer.

About the Beer

Packaged in 330ml bottles, its amber colour is a result of the half-roasted malts used in its brewing and which give it a unique bitterness in harmony with it's body. The careful mix of malts made form the most select two row barley, give it body and roundness to the palete and its unmistakeable finess and bouquet. The choice of bitter and aromatic hops lends the beer it characteristic fresh bitterness. High temperature fermentation reveals the fullness of aroma from the yeast.

The control techniques employed by the brew masters allow these full-bodied, though subtle aromas, created by the yeast as it ferments the wort, to be enjoyed almost limitlessly. Moderately bitter, it is a pleasure to drink from dusk to the early hours of the morning.