La Zaragozana 'Ambar' Gluten & Alcohol Free Pilsner
$69.95 a Case
$69.95 ( Case of 24 )

La Zaragozana 'Ambar' Gluten & Alcohol Free Pilsner 330ml


Alcohol Free and Gluten Free Pioneer

About the Beer Maker

Founded in 1900, La Zaragozana still operates its original brewery in the centre of Zaragoza where traditional methods live side by side with state of the art technology. Zaragoza is a corruption of “Caesar Augusta”, the original Roman name of the settlement.

La Zaragozana retains a malt house dating from the late 19th century where wooden machines are still used and with the only fermenting room with open fermentation vessels still in operation is Spain. La Zaragozana is a company that combines tradition and innovation to brew excellent quality beer.

About the Beer

Packaged in 330ml bottles, a mixture of different malts and rice varieties are used to brew this beer, similar to those that go into a pilsner. It has all the characteristics of a normal strength beer (taste, body and the bitterness of different aromatic and medium strength hop varieties).

La Zaragozana was the pioneer in Spain for this alcohol free and gluten free type of beer and has been brewing it on the domestic market since the 1970s.