Lombard & Co Tangara Brut Premier Cru Rose NV
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Lombard & Co Tangara Brut Premier Cru Rose NV




Lombard & Co., this is the actual house that produces, we can say, our biggest-selling Champagne, which is Lanvin. Lombard & Co. is a third generation grand Cru, a premier Cru producer from Epernay. Under the Lombard name, they produce only Premier Cru or Grand Cru cuvées.

The origins of Lanvin Champagne date back to the 1800’s, when Henry Lanvin first started making champagne for his family and close friends.The business was the passed on to the son, who carried the same name as his father, as was the tradition at the time.

In 1931 Herny Lanvin, the son, having no direct heir, passed the production and name to the 3rd generation house of Lombard, who honoured the name by continuing to produce the Champagne under the traditions of the original Lanvin Family.

Mainly sold into the local market and other parts of Europe, Lanvin has built a reputation for producing affordable top quality champagne. Strangely enough, in recent years Lanvin has been one of the fastest growing Champagne’s in the New Zealand, where it has received critical acclaim from local media. Having just arrived in Australia, we expect Champagne Lanvin to make a big impact in the Australia Champagne market.


The ancient Tanagra statuettes were produced in numbers, but all touched aesthetic perfection. This is how I see our Tanagra wine. Being able to regularly produce what our beautiful vineyards of Champagne can provide better: 

- Choosing the best Grands Crus plots, 
- Raising a part of the wines in barrels (of 2,25hl, 5HL and 6HL) to provide aromatic complexity to assembly, 
- And leaving the wine a perfect fulfillment in the freshness of our centuries-old cellars. 

The development of Tanagra always call to craftsmanship: on riddling desks, manual dressing ... Tanagra Each bottle is a unique work well: 

A craftsmanship shapes Tanagra, for your enjoyment.

A combination of the elegance and freshness of the Chardonnay with the complexity of the cherry, red fruit flavours provided by the pinot noir.

Enjoy :)