MARQ WINES Gamay 2011
$25.00 a Bottle
$150.00 ( Case of 6 )

MARQ WINES Gamay 2013


An Alternative Variety Well Worth a Try 

"Bright clear red; spice of all kinds is spread through the bouquet and all the way to finish off the palate; it (the spice) is a garland for the full, soft cherry fruit flavours, tannins barely perceptible. Serve slightly chilled." - James Halliday

You may not have heard of the Gamay grape but you almost certainly would have heard of Beaujolais, with its rolling blue granite-based hills, north west of Lyons.  And Beaujolais wine depends entirely on the Gamay grape.

Because the world’s wine lovers have been taught to revere alcohol and deep colours in their red wines, Gamay has not had many fans outside Europe. There is however one famous (or perhaps infamous) exception. In the late 1970s a young American businessman called Charles Shaw decided to invest his small fortune in a Napa Valley winery, and because he loved Beaujolais, he decided to concentrate on Gamay.

Gamay is starting to make an appearance in Australia and the Marq Wines Gamay is a light to medium intensity red that displays intense strawberries and cream characters with hints of cherry, licorice, stalk and spice. Owned by respected winemaker and Curtin University lecturer Mark Warren, Marq Wines is a boutique Margaret River wine producer who is dedicated to exploring the potential of alternative varieties and unusual winemaking techniques. 

Marq Wines are designed to introduce the consumer to a new style of wine drinking. With over two decades experience in both the Swan Valley and Margaret River Mark began his career at Lamont’s before moving south to work at Happs where he has been since 2003. As a contract wine maker he is now responsible for over 70 different wines throughout the region and has gained multiple awards for his work.

The Marq Wines Gamay is a medium bodied wine with good fruit intensity and demonstrates the classic strawberry and cream flavours associated with the variety. The wine also exhibits cherry, mushroom and rhubard characters with hints of clove. The tannins are soft fine and supple and the flavour persistent and a long.

Serve slightly chilled.