Star Lane Nebbiolo 2009 Red Wine
$56.15 a Bottle
$337.00 ( Case of 6 )

Star Lane Nebbiolo 2009


An Good Australian Nebbiolo

About the Wine Maker

Star Lane Winery is a family owned vineyard and winery in the Beechworth Region of Victoria.

 Beechworth is a well-preserved historical town that sits at the very beginning of the westerly approach to the high country on the Victorian side of the NSW border, famous for its major growth during the gold rush days of the mid-1850s. These days Beechworth is dominated by family owned wineries and vineyards. It is quite different from the likes of Yarra, Barossa, or Hunter Valley. As well as the artisan wine, it is a beautiful place with some fantastic food.

Most vineyards sit between 300-550 metres in elevation and on a granite soil. It’s broadly a cool climate region, though there are quite significant differences depending on elevation and site. The sum of this terroir are some pretty special wines. The majority of vineyards are along a few kilometre stretch to the west of the town itself. It had a history of wine production in the 1800’s, which then gradually died out during the 1900’s. The modern revival of Beechworth, began in 1978 and then gathered pace during the 90s.

Brett Barnes is the Vigneron and Liz Barnes is the winemaker. Rick Kinzbrunner from Giaconda Winery has assisted Liz in the making of the wine since the establishment of the winery commencing  with the 2005 Vintage. Rick is one of Australia's greatest winemakers, having won the Australian Winemaker of the Year award and being named as one of the world's best 10 white wine makers by Decanter. Rick has kindly imparted wisdom and knowledge along with a few trade secrets to help create Star Lane’s wines into wines with elegance, finesse and distinction.

About the Wine

James Halliday gives Star Lane Nebbiolo 2009 a rating of 90. He says..

The colour is typically light, but has retained good hue; the wine also has more sour cherry fruit (relative to the inevitable tannins) than most. Indeed, I will pay it the ultimate compliment of admitting I could drink, and quite possibly enjoy, a glass.