Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 1 2012
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Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 1 2012



Wine was grown in Victoria's Yarra Valley from the mid 1800's through to the 1920’s and was a principal export of the new colony. The industry was halted in the 1920’s by the economics of the day, changing tastes and the high price of wool. 
It would need a visionary to re-establish winemaking in the Yarra Valley and in 1969 one came along. Dr Bailey Carrodus was ideally qualified to become a great vigneron. A degree in botany, another in winemaking and a doctorate earned at Oxford for research into plant physiology, combined with a passion for great wine, a love of food and art, and a fiercely independent mind equipped him well.
In 1969 after a long search for the perfect site Dr Carrodus planted 12 hectares of vines at the foot of the Warramate Hills.
 The gentle slope with its northerly aspect and deep grey silty loam shot through with bands of gravel fulfilled all of his requirements. Good drainage, all day exposure to the warm sun, and enough elevation from the valley floor to avoid the spring frosts. He named his vineyard Yarra Yering and in 1973 produced his first vintage of Dry Red Wine No’s 1 & 2.

Yarra Yering quickly gained an international reputation for quality and individuality and for the next 35 years Dr Carrodus made his wines to great critical and commercial success.



So this is one of Australia's iconic red wines. I had an opportunity to taste all the 2012 reds late last year. And 2012 was a stunning vintage in the Yarra Valley. This wine just blew me away. We've actually tasted quite a few wines on the weekend with other Yarra Valley producers, and the 2012 Yarra year in reds were quite amazing. I'm just so happy to actually get access to this wine and actually put it in here. I think it'll blow people away once they get a chance to try it, because it's really, really well made. They tend to make more those French Bordeaux-esque-style reds. They're not a big sort of Aussie style. But having said that, the Yarra Valley doesn't produce wines like that anyway. But this is sort of Bordeaux-esque in style, very well made, savoury, just lovely, lovely fruit. So well balanced.

Enjoy :)