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We have an exciting episode on the Grapes and Lager Youtube channel on the Estrella De Galicia range of Beers (as linked below)!  

So what do we have on offer?  How does 4 bottles each of the Estrella Galicia products we have ranged sound?  Well, for $42.95 for this mixed 12 pack, I think it sounds pretty good particularly if you get to sample each one with this pack!


Estrella De Galicia Special

A bright golden beer. Pleasant and refreshing aromas with spicy tones that stand out. The mouth feel is neutral and light, with a very distinct taste of hops. The ideal serving temperature is 5º C.

Estrella De Galicia Reserva 1906 
Prepared from toasted malts and hops of the "Perle Hallertau" and "Nugget" varieties that give an aroma, a dark amber colour and a distinct flavour to the malts. The head is abundant and creamy, which keepsthroughout the drink and leaves the characteristic "Belgian lace" latticework on the sides of the glass. The effect of the alcohol is perceptible, mild and warm, without the roughness of higher alcohols. 

There is a predominance of a clean aroma that is straightforward and smells intensely of toasted malt. It has a pretty dark amber colour. Clean and bright and with abundant thick foam.  In the mouth, the feel is thick, dense, elegant and round, with a bitter touch. Aftertaste is long and pleasant. 

Estrella De Galicia 1906 Red Vintage
An intense and well structured beer, it is characterized by its toasted malt aroma, and its creamy and compact head. With a dry finish that balances its high alcoholic content , it is perfect to drink at anytime.

Watch the video below and hear all about the brewery and the just how great tasting these Beers are! Oh and by the way, excuse my husky voice!


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