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Leisurely lunches, barbeques, seafood and long lazy afternoons; white wines are synonymous with all things great about Australia. They satisfy our thirst, complement a variety of foods, and bring something special to both social occasions and those quiet nights in.

But when was the last time you tasted a truly great white wine; something that made you say ‘Wow, this is different! Why haven’t I tried this before?’. If it seems like forever then get ready to be pleasantly surprised, as Grapes & Lager takes you on a journey of discovery that will make you look at white grapes in a new light.

Our range of Chardonnays, Rieslings, Sav Blancs, Pinot Grigios, Moscatos and Semillons are sourced around the world, often far from the beaten track. We’ve found new and exciting whites in vineyards from Australia and New Zealand to Argentina, Austria, Croatia and Romania, and they’re presented here for your sampling pleasure.

The Grapes & Lager saga

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our lifelong journey of discovery, it’s that no two bottles of wine are the same. How much sun the grapes get, how cold it is, the type of soil, and even which side of the hill they’re grown on can all have a profound influence on the final result.

And that’s why wine will always be a learning experience, and one that we never tire of. At Grapes & Lager, we’ve tasted our way around the globe on a quest to find and collect wines that will surprise and delight; those that simply aren’t available at your local bottle shop or wine seller.

You may find the odd one in a restaurant with a good wine list, but that’s probably because they bought it from us. Our slogan is ‘Let us surprise you’, and that’s just what we’ll do when you join us. So if you like trying new things, particularly new wines, beers and ciders, we invite you to join the conversation over a glass of something different at Grapes & Lager.

Visit our virtual cellar door

If you enjoy wine but aren’t sure where your preferences lie, we have a great way for you to sample a wide variety of wines that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. It’s called the Grapes & Lager Tasters Club, and a subscription gets you six bottles of red, six of white, or six mixed wines delivered to your door every two months. They’re personally hand-picked by Sean our Wine Guy, and are guaranteed to be a topic of conversation at your next dinner party.

Best of all, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that if you encounter a bottle that you really don’t like, we’ll refund the cost back to you. So whatever your preferred drop, be it wine, beer or cider, if you’re tired of the same old offerings and want to try something fresh and unique, join us today at Grapes & Lager. We’ll surprise you.