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A good red wine is one of life’s staples; there for the quiet moments, the celebrations, and to share with good friends. And there are a wealth of red grape varieties, from Pinot Noir and Cabernet to Merlot and Shiraz; a range that covers the gamut of taste sensations from deeply flavoured to light and fresh.

But are you in a red wine rut? Do you find yourself choosing the same labels at your local provider because they’re familiar, or simply because that’s all they have to offer? If so, Grapes & Lager has a pleasant surprise in store.

We travel the globe in search of new and interesting reds, partly for our own pleasure (well, mostly for our own pleasure!), but also to bring some of our more unique finds to the tables of Australian red wine drinkers.

And our online cellars are stocked with a smorgasbord of exotic styles, with everything from Raiza Rioja Crianza Tempranillo, a fresh, fruit-forward youthful red from one of the top Spanish wineries to Chateau David Beaulieu Bordeaux Rouge, a delightful combination of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Grapes & Lager story

Grapes & Lager was started by two guys with a passion for discovering new wines, beers and ciders, often from lesser-known origins. Sean and Steve have turned their interest and enjoyment of unusual drops into a successful online business, travelling the world to bring the new and unusual to Australian grape and hop lovers.

From both boutique wineries and award-winning producers, Grapes & Lager brings you exciting new tastes from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Romania. And these are not your average beers, wines and ciders. Most will never grace the shelves of your local provider, as they are chosen for their quality and uniqueness rather than their potential for profit.

The Grapes & Lager collection offers excellent value for money, with something for everyone’s tastes and budgets. Sean and Steve intend to continue their lifelong commitment to discovering new interpretations of the age-old recipes and they invite you to come along for the ride.

Join our Tasters Club today

The Grapes & Lager Tasters Club is the ideal way to try lots of different wines without spending a fortune. Subscribe now and we’ll ship you six reds, six whites, or six mixed bottles every two months. That way, you can see what’s available and identify those you like most.

And if you don’t like a bottle for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund the cost back to you. It’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and it’s our way of showing you we care about our customers.

So if you’re ready to join the ultimate journey of discovery, browse our online cellar for a beer, wine or cider today. It could soon become your favourite drop from Grapes & Lager, so go on ... be surprised.