Did you say that's the ‘Hoff’ in your Glass?!

  This month we are focusing on German beers, as Oktoberfest celebrations are rolled out in late September and throughout October  (the offical dates in Germany for 2015 is 20th September - 5th October). Today, we are focusing on a beer style that has gained some following in Australia over 20 years ago. It was then we were first exposed to the German wheat beer style by a group of innovative guys who took the Bavarian style and made it a household name using a very iconic Australian name. This goes to show my age now as I remember spending many Sunday Sessions at the Matilda Bay Pub in Perth drinking a...

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(MORE BEER PLEASE!) OKTOBERFEST Quick question Grapies - when does Oktoberfest start? Nope, not October - it actually starts in September! This event runs for 16 days and ends on the first Sunday in October (it was shifted to September when its warmer).Originating in Germany, it has become the largest Volkfest (People's Fair) in the World, as it is now celebrated all over the globe. The biggest here in Australia is the Brisbane Oktoberfest, which is held at the RNA Showgrounds and  attracts all the Ozzies wishing to have a real Oktoberfest experience without the 20 hour plane ride to Munich!

So how...

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