Carden's Apple Cider
$68 a case
$43.50 $68.00 ( Case of 24 )

Carden's Apple Cider - Dry 330ml


Original German Cider 

Cider is called Apfelwein (German, apple wine), as the German language has not used the word cider. 

Apfelwein didn't gain in popularity in Germany until the 16th century. The area around Hessen, at this time, experienced an extremely cold winter, damaging its grape vineyard so drastically that wine makers were forced to find other alternatives. Wine makers found that apple trees flourished from cold winters, so they abandoned their grape vineyards for apple fields.

The apple wine industry grew quickly and soon was offered in bars and pubs, with government approval of course. Those businesses that had permission to sell apple wine were required to hang a pine wrealth outside the door to their establishment. This became the emblem of the apple wine industry.

Carden's Apple Cider is fermented out of superior cider apples in the long-established tradition of Ireland and Britain. With this process, they take our time, thus creating the remarkable flavour that turns  Carden's into a refreshing, tasty and unique experience.

So different to the sugar-laden-pseudo-ciders found so frequently. The aroma is dominated by apple juice. The flavor is sweet, leading to a lightly tart finish with an a
lcoholic volume of 4.9%.