Shofferhofer Kristallwiezen Wheat Kristall Beer
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Schofferhofer 'Kristallweizen' Wheat (Kristall) Beer 500ml


A Good, Solid Weizen

About the Beer Maker

Schöfferhofer is a brand of German wheat beer named for the former house of Peter Schöffer  in which a brewery was founded. This brand of beer sports a portrait of Peter Schöfferhofer as its trademark. The Schöfferhofer brand originates from this brewery in Mainz. Peter Schöffer was an early German printer, who was the principal workman of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of modern typography, whose 42-Line Bible was completed in 1455.

In 1921, this Mainz brewery was merged into what is now the Binding-Brauerei AG, which is located in Frankfurt . The founder, Conrad Binding was a cooper and beer brewer, who bought a small brewery in the old town of Frankfurt, in 1870. The group Binding-Brauerei AG has been operating since 2002 as the Radeberger Group, and now includes big breweries like the Radeberg export brewery and the Berliner-Kindl brewery. It's output is around 13 million hectolitres, annually making it the largest brewery group in Germany. 

About the Beer

Shofferhofer 'Kristallweizen' Wheat (Kristall) Beer  is a top fermenting beer with 5.1% alcohol by volume, presented in a 500ml bottle (as most good  wheat beers are).This is a crystal clear golden colour beer ("Kristall" being German for crystal) with a thick and persistent white head providing an appealing aroma of wheat and clove associated with a hint of banana. There is a sharp taste of hops that dissipates to a mild lingering malt flavour followed by a dry finish.