How Adventurous are You When It Comes to Alternative Wine Varieties?


So there I was today, updating our product pages for a lovely Italian White from a very passionate winemaker in Roberto Ansemi called San Vincenzo Bianco Garganega Chardonnay Trebbiano 2011, which is 70% Garganega - a grape I had never heard of. Evidently it turns out to be the 11th most popular grape variety in Italy, but being the IT Guy that I am, I'd never heard of it. 

This got me thinking about how many other people out there hadn't experienced all these wonderfully different and surprising varieties so I thought I'd have a bit of fun and run a very quick (one question) survey to check this out. 

I put together a list of the alternative wine varieties and the survey asks people what alternative varieties they have tried or would like to try. I've put in links to examples or collections that we have on Grapes and Lager so people can also explore further.

You can find the survey at

Have fun:) 

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