Brand New Day

For several months now, we have been beavering away with our digital design and marketing partner, Bouncing Orange, to come up with a more contemporary brand that was reflective of our goal of delighting and surprising our customers with products not found at your average supermarket owned liquor outlet.

Importantly our new brand needed to reflect our strong connection with the art and process of wine making and brewing. We believe we have hit the mark with our new brand’s rustic feel that take us back to the agricultural roots of tendering the vineyards or farms and the passion that goes into turning hand picked grapes and hops into quality wine and beer. 

With our new brand, we have also taken the opportunity to update our content and improve our photos.  We have also made it easier to navigate our site by either variety or country. 

Many of our wines and beers come from family owned operations where their passion for their craft and hard work are important ingredients in what they release to the market. 

These are the people that make wine and beer because they are truly passionate about what they do.  They are in a battle against the large corporate interests that dominate our industry and they survive and thrive through their passionate commitment to making the best wines and beers they possibly can - and then hoping people such as yourselves can see value in buying quality wines and beers instead of the mass produced and often cheaper alternatives.

Our web site is about telling the wine makers’ stories. Sometimes these stories are romantic – a young winemaking student who catches the eye of a well known wine judge and wine maker, who then marry and establish a winery together. Sometimes these stories are tragic – the Jewish Beer Maker who is forced to sell up in Nazi Austria.  Sometimes they are good luck stories – the German GV Von Mumm, who took a punt and approached the Schloss Johannisberg estate to buy up their whole 1811 harvest, a massive punt after 3 bad years, and hit upon an absolute “comet” vintage, which then enabled him to buy a series of vineyards, thereby establishing a dynasty.  There are lots of stories – and even if you don’t read any or all of them, you will experience them each time you pour one of our bottles of wine or beer into a glass, as you will also be pouring one of these stories into the glass at the same time. 

Our tagline remains unchanged – Be Surprised. We want you to drink our wine and beer for the unique experience of tasting something truly different and unique. Something that evokes the senses and takes you forward through new experiences – rather than just being satisfied with the status quo. 

As always we value your feedback so please let us know if there is anything you like or dislike about our new brand and our new website. 

Steve and Sean

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