Our White Wine Journey of Discovery for June 2015

Grapes & Lager – White Tasters Pack Tasting Notes

Hi Everyone,

It’s Sean The Wine Guy here, and it’s that time again! Our June Taster’s Packs have been put together, and are ready to arrive on your doorstep in late June.

This month three of the Wines came from 'Viva La France’. Having tasted these in the past 2 months, they’re a real treat for subscribers of this month’s Taster’s Pack. For our first French wine we take our tastebuds to a small hamlet near Bordeaux for their take on an excellent Savvy. Then we head to higher elevations 'and old vines' for our next two French wines, with one from Alsace and the other a fresh alpine white from Savoie.

We then move into a new ‘Grigio' from its most famous home Veneto, and everything is hunky dory with a white blend from New Zealand that’s great value for money. We then finish our June collection with a 5-star Chardonnay from the Mornington Peninsula.

As always, Grapes & Lager is about discovery and offering our members something a little different. These packs are designed for you to sit down with family and friends, read the tasting notes, and then discover something new - and hopefully ‘Be Surprised’!

We also encourage you to share your experience with us, and provide us with any feedback you have on the wines we’ve selected.

But most of all, just enjoy!


The Wine Guy

The Wines..


I know some of you may be complaining about my inclusion of a Sauvignon Blanc, but the truth is that I really enjoy a good Savvy - even though everyone gives them a hard time.

I fell in love with this wine 2 years ago when I was introduced to it in Europe, and this wine comes from several independent wine growers in the village of Siecq, in the Charentes region. What I like about it is it’s fruity, it’s fresh, it’s got a little bit of French austerity to it, and overall it’s a great wine.

My recommendation is to take a bottle with you to your local fish and chips shop, and enjoy!




I first tasted this wine back in early 2014, and was primarily impressed by the power of the wine. The reason I love Riesling wine is because generally you can see so many different styles from different parts of the world, and while I love the more elegant German styles, this wine took me by surprise with its complexity, power and intensity. Like all the wines from this 9th generation producer, there is a purity in the fruit flavours that is always delicious.

King fish fillets are the perfect dish to do justice to this Riesling.



Savioe is probably not that well known to the general public in Australia, but it’s currently the trend on Australian wine lists. The thing I love about these wines, both Red and White, is their elegance and freshness. This wine, made from Jacquere, is true to its regional mould - lightly scented, dry, and great when drunk young and fresh.

To accompany this wine, bring out the oysters! Or just sit around with friends at a BBQ, it’s still delicious!


HUNKY DORY 'THE TANGLE' 2013 - Marlborough, New Zealand

I love this style of wine! Hunky Dory is based around the white wines styles of Alsace in France, and this wine is made from three varieties:

Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Hunky Dory has all the best characters of these wines styles, as it is light, fresh, spicy and aromatic but is also exceptional great value for money! And on top of that I must admit I love the name and packaging.

This wine is best enjoyed with Chargrilled Cuttlefish or Calamari.


DOGARINA PINOT GRIGIO 2013 - Veneto, Italy

Dogarina was born out of the passion for wine that its founder, Guido Tonus, had. Guido was an entrepreneur in the furniture industry, and at the end of the nineties he decided to make Dogarina and jewel in the field of vinery. His success was due to his understanding of the enormous potential it could express in conjunction with his entrepreneurial skills.
The company at the time had about 60 hectares of vineyards, planted thanks to the advice of the Research Centre for Viticulture of Conegliano.

This particular wine is a lovely bouquet of acacia and green apple, and contains a great minerality. With an intense and expressive smell, this wine’s scents include a floral hint combines a tinge of fresh bread, and a hint of dry hay.

Pasta Marinara is an excellent choice to have with this wine, but as it’s Pinot Grigio pretty much everything goes with it well! And if you’re feeling generous, share it with your friends! They’ll thank you later.


SCORPO AUBAINE CHARDONNAY 2013 - Mornington Peninsula, Australia

This is a great 5-star rated producer in the Peninsula, and I love their honesty in their Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. This wine is a great example of the the Peninsula’s superb quality!

Scorpo Wines is a whole family operation: Paul Scorpo, his wife Caroline and their daughters all help keep the vineyard in top condition.

This wine is a greeny-straw colour to the eye, with fragrances of fresh melon, Granny Smith apple peel and the barest scent of salt. The softly textured palate displays nectarine and fennel flavours, with a fine chalky finish.

Try pairing Peking Duck or Chargrilled prawns with this chardonnay for a winning combination.

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