June 2015 Red Wine Tasters Pack

Grapes & Lager – Red Tasters Pack Tasting Notes

Greetings wine lovers! It’s Sean The Wine Guy here, and it’s that time again - our June Taster’s Packs have been put together and are ready to arrive on your doorstep in late June.

To give you fair warning, I’m going to be jumping around the world here in a single paragraph! My love affair with Poggio Anima continues this time with a Sangiovese, then we head back to ‘Oz’ for a new vintage with one of our favourite producers for a classic Barossa Shiraz. Next we move on to Germany for a red with so much juiciness and acid balance that it’s one of our favourite wines of this year. From there we head to the Alpine regions of France to see what they can do with a red variety made famous in Beaujolais, but this one is from Old vines and multi layered. After France we travel back home to a recent winner of the 'Jimmy Watson Trophy’, where they show us their take on a Spanish/Portugese ‘Tinto’ red made here in McLaren Vale. And finally we finish off with an exceptional value for money WA Cabernets that ‘isn't' from Margaret River. 

As always, Grapes & Lager is about discovery and offering our members something a little different. These packs are designed for you to sit down with family and friends, read the tasting notes to discover something new, and hopefully ‘Be Surprised’. 

We also encourage you to share your experience with us, and provide us with feedback on the wines we have selected. 

But most of all, just enjoy! 


The Wine Guy 


And now for the wines...



As promised from the last 2 Taster’s Pack, this is the final instalment for the Poggio Anima wines.  This is probably the highlight of these wines, because the producer of this wine has built a reputation of producing top Sangiovese from Chianti, Brunello. This wine shows this history in its palate, but it does it at great value for money.  

I recommend that you take it to your best Italian restaurant, as it will go with anything on their menu.


HAAN CLASSIC SHIRAZ 2013 - Barossa Valley, Australia





One of our favourite producers is the Barossa Valley, and this is just the new vintage instalment of their Classic Barossa Shiraz. This wine is intense, rich and full of fruit - a classic Barossa style.  This wine has a nose of rich berry fruits with a hint of chocolate.

The velvety palate shows red berry fruits, pepper and spice from the Shiraz, while the cabernet gives cedar spice and a hint of mint.

Bring it out with your REAL friends at a BBQ - don’t waste it on anyone you don’t like!




Wow! I fell in love with this wine only 3-4 months ago, after not having that many good Dornfelders (which are Pinot-que/Gamay-like). But what made me fall in love with this particular wine is the juiciness of the flavour, as it fills the mouth but leaves a very clean, acidic finish. It almost gives it a cherry flavour to the palate - and it just grabbed me. I love it!

Here’s a random food pairing for you - drink it with warm fruit pudding or Rhubarb pie. You won’t be disappointed!




Savioe is not that well known to the general public in Australia, but it’s currently the trend for Australian wine lists. This particular wine is made from Gamay, where most drinkers would be familiar with this grape variety if they’ve had the opportunity to drink wines from Beaujolais. But from this region, Gamay takes on a different path. It has all those Red fruit flavours but, because the region has elevation, the natural acid levels are much higher so it adds tartness to the palate.

Have this with hard cheese and charcuterie (cold meats). For example, this wine would pair excellently with an antipasto platter.




SC Pannell is one of Australia’s best producers.  It has built up its reputation for not only producing wines from thbetter known varieties in Australia, but also producing wines from alternative grape varieties in Australia.

This Red was, up until last year, called Tinto, and stylistically it was made to be similar to the Red Tinto’s of Spain and Portugal.  So the wine is young, fruit driven and medium- to full-bodied. It is also filled with richness and roundness, along with a little bit of rustiness from the Touriga - resulting in a great dry Red!

Peri-peri chicken and paella are both excellent choices to serve with this wine. 



ROCKY GULLY CABERNET 2012 - Franklin River, Australia






I have always had a love affair with Rocky Gully wines, ever since I lived in Western Australia.  Mainly because of their honesty, as well as the fact that they are generally well-made and are good value for money.  

This wine is a blend of Cabernets, and it’s the perfect example of what they do best. The presence of soft, grainy tannins mean that this is a great wine to sit around and easily drink.

When serving a bottle of this wine, bring out the Cheddar!  And as it’s winter, slow cooked beef is also an excellent accompaniment to add some warmth.












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