June 2015 Red Wine Tasters Pack

Grapes & Lager – Red Tasters Pack Tasting Notes Greetings wine lovers! It’s Sean The Wine Guy here, and it’s that time again - our June Taster’s Packs have been put together and are ready to arrive on your doorstep in late June. To give you fair warning, I’m going to be jumping around the world here in a single paragraph! My love affair with Poggio Anima continues this time with a Sangiovese, then we head back to ‘Oz’ for a new vintage with one of our favourite producers for a classic Barossa Shiraz. Next we move on to Germany...

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Cider - A Great Alternative to Beer

A lot of people are looking round for an alternative to beer and deciding that Cider is the Answer. And they are finding a lot of diversity, from traditional to sweet and fruity style, including premium, organic and imported varieties. Aussie girls in particular have found in cider their new favourite drink, as an alternative option to beer, with different tastes, mixed flavours and still with low alcohol and large serving-size. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are starting to abuse this trend by producing "industrialised” ciders with flavourings and added sugar to hide their defects. Traditional cider lovers have reacted to this,...

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Riesling - From Germany With Love

Those memories of drinking Black Tower Liebfraumilch in the late seventies have left an indelible mark on my drinking tastes that took several decades to shift. And thank goodness it did shift. For Riesling is now one of my favorite whites.

Because of our early drinking history, we are all pretty comfortable with the fact that the Riesling grape variety originated in the Rhine region of Germany.

With 900 years of History, Schloss Johannisberg is the oldest Riesling- Estate in the world, with its first documented vintage dated back 817 and since 1720 only Riesling is cultivated on its monopole vineyard. See Schloss Johannisberg 'Yellow Seal' QBA Riesling and Schloss Johannisberg 'Red Seal' Kabinett Riesling for a taste of history. 

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