Schloss Johannisberg 'Red Seal' Kabinett Riesling 2010
$59.50 a Bottle
$375.00 $357.00 ( Case of 6 )

Schloss Johannisberg 'Red Seal' Riesling Kabinett 2014


900 Years of History

Ripe riesling aromas, this Cabinet-style wine is a fine, elegant wine with a perfect balance of fruit and a smooth acidity. 900 years of History, Schloss Johannisberg is the oldest Riesling- Estate in the world, with its first documented vintage dated back to 817.  And since 1720 only Riesling has been cultivated on its monopole vineyard.

It is the home of the quality designations for German wine, especially for Spätlese, late harvest and botrytis rot wines that were discovered on the estate by mistake in 1775.

Since then Schloss johannisberg invented Auslese wines (1787) and Eiswein (1858) and the Quality levels in between for these wines styles were set at Schloss Johanniberg.

The wines are the most elegant of the Rheingau wines and are long lived gaining in balance and smoothness with age. 

Enjoy :)