Katlenberger Strawberry Sparkling
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Katlenberger Strawberry Sparkling


Whats it taste LIKE!!! Strawberries of course!!!

About the Winery

Founded in 1925, KATLENBURGER Winery Dr. Demuth GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run company located in Katlenberg, Germany and is Europe’s leading Fruit Winery. Now already in the 3rd generation, we are processing finest juices from both domestic and exotic fruit. The result is beverages of exceptional quality. In the product segments we are operating, our brand KATLENBURGER is the most popular and well-known fruit wine brand within Germany and greater Europe and now exports to 50 countries across the globe. 

The winery’s focus is on obtaining high quality ingredients to produce fruit wine products on great quality and exceptional flavour intensity.


About the Wine

This exclusive Premium Sparkling Wine offers an exquisite fine sparkling fruit indulgence in perfection and a delicious alternative to sparkling wine and champagne. 80 years of experience in producing best sparkling wines, the exclusive use of high quality raw materials and Katlenburger's exceptional accuracy guarantees highest fruity indulgence. Experience your special moments and try our fruity Premium indulgence.

A real fun sparkling.

 And what's it taste LIKE!!!  --- Strawberries of course!!!

And so easy to drink


Coming Soon - Katlenberger Mango Sparkling, whats it taste LIKE!!! Mangoes of course!!! and so easy to drink