Hunky Dory 'The Tangle' 2020
$15.85 a Bottle
$95.10 ( Case of 6 )

Hunky Dory 'The Tangle' 2020

New Zealand

Everything's just Hunky Dory!


The Hunky Dory team is led by Mike and Claire Allan, the founding winemakers of Huia Vineyards.

Claire and Mike’s passion for winemaking, and the lifestyle that goes with it, started when they were young and they have pursued it ever since. 

They wanted to make a range of wines that expressed the relaxation and enjoyment that you get with food and wine - quality wine with good food, what's better!

Mike’s love of fishing and being on the water - peace and quiet, the gently shifting horizon and the occasional fish on the hook; it's all good. 

Claire is a real foodie, discovering new dishes and recipes and then cooking huge meals for the whole family to enjoy.



I love this style of wine! Hunky Dory is based around the white wines styles of Alsace, France and the white wine styles of Vienna, Austria hence this wine is made from at least three varieties:

Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling.

Hunky Dory has all the best characters of these wines styles, as it is light, fresh, spicy and aromatic but is also exceptional great value for money! And on top of that I must admit I love the name and packaging.

This wine is best enjoyed with Chargrilled Cuttlefish or Calamari.